Saturday, December 28, 2013

Out of Context

So, this is my first real attempt to broaden my reader base, so beware.
First of all, I have been listing blog ideas in my "idea/to-do/need to buy/need to remember" notebook.  I have some awesome ideas coming up for my readers :)

First of all, I have tried keeping journals for about the past decade. I have failed miserably.  They usually end up with about 20 entries spread out across at least a year.  Most of them just being updates that seem pointless reading them in hindsight.  
That being said, I do have a few gems that I jotted down in the last couple of years of quotes from Ty, Whimzy, or myself.

So, here are some random quotes, completely out of context and your job is to figure out what was going on at the time!  The best one gets a $10 Amazon gift card sent to them :)  Here is the catch, we have to have at least 10 submissions from separate users in the comments before I will judge :)  So, share this with your friends!
Here we go!

"That tooth's name is Tammy!" - Ty

"She is going to steal my soul!" - Ty

"Omg, you stole my feather sword!" - Ty

"I'm considering yelling 'SEX TOYS' to get attention" - Me

"Whimzy is growing a unicorn horn!" - Ty

"Here's to not having dreams about golf courses and priests!" - Me

"What does doing do?"  Whimzy

"So...Hitler was an alien?" - Ty

"You smell like a gas station, why are you 2 hours late?" - Me

"Did that toilet just sing?" - Ty

"Stop being toothy and vengeful!" - Ty

"You just put the fear of vagina into me" - Ty

"Well, that is what happens when you steal the Kraken's eggs!" - Cara

"I am a pirate, afraid of the ocean!" - Ty

"Octopi are my best friend!" - Whimzy

"I can't believe that I just cried over a golf-playing triceratops" - Cara

Let's do this!!!

Best situations that you think these quotes happened in, win!  
Hint:  I am looking for the feels or the laughs ;)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who Could've Known?

This post is specifically for 4 people.
My aunt, my uncle, my dad, and my sister.  
Over the weekend, Ty and I got to spend it together while the four of them took care of my daughter, fixed my car, and detailed it.
Whimzy had an amazing time, and now has a new best friend, Angie.
My dad played soccer with her, and she got to go shopping for a present for mommy and daddy (which she signed herself!).
Then, less than 24 hours after we got our newly cleaned and fixed car home, one of our belts blew. My uncle and aunt drove to pick my car up and he spent the entire evening fixing it, which included a freezing cold drive because the belt that blew controlled the heating.

Four years ago, I would have never thought that I would be in such a great relationship with any of them (except maybe Angie).  
We all went through some pretty terrible stuff and I didn't handle any of it well.  I was lost and scared, and despite everybody's best efforts, I couldn't seem to get past it.  Misunderstandings, lack of communication, and overall bad decisions on my part had, I thought, irreparably damaged my relationship with my family.  
Then, this weekend (and I have realized it before, but it really hit hard this weekend) I realized how much I really depend on them and how my life would be not nearly as amazing without them.  They give my daughter grandparents while my mom is incapable, and my dad is a great grandpa to her.  My holidays, big events, and everyday life all involves them somehow.  I look forward to seeing all of them, especially together.  I am constantly seeing things that remind me of each of them.  

There is no way that I will ever be able to re-pay them for the support that they have given me, or even the car cleaning/fixing that they did in the last week, but I really want them to know how much I love them, and how happy I am that I get to call them, and spend time with them.

My mom may not be able to be with me for everything, but I have an amazing aunt, uncle, and my Dad to fill that hole.  Not to mention my awesome little sister.  

I love you guys and I hope you understand how much I appreciate every one of you.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Rarity

As promised, here is an update on my life.
I got a job.  I am a barista for a few mornings a week at a local cafe.
I do customer service, take orders, short order cooking, make drinks, and cleaning (dishes, wiping tables, etc...).  And because of my availability and Ty's job, I work opening, which means I set the cafe up and all of that fun stuff.  It is a fast paced, but a social and fun job.  My manager and owner are pretty awesome and are very understanding of my anxiety issues, as well as excellent in the way they help me improve my performance.
It feels nice to have my own cash, and last week I got my first actual pay check in almost four years!  I am able to help out with Christmas, and I have major plans for a book nook in our bedroom with my extra money.  
Tips are super nice, too.  It means every day I work, I have some extra money in my wallet.  
It has been an uphill battle.  
I spent the first few weeks dreading going to work.  I didn't think I could do it. I felt weak and exhausted.  My feet hurt, my anxiety rocketed through the roof, and if I wasn't at work, I was incapable of anything because I was so worn down from the anxiety of being at work.
And, this is a job that I enjoy doing.  I rock at it.

Well, yesterday, I had an amazing day at work.
My feet didn't hurt quite so much, my anxiety didn't kick in, and I didn't come home and become useless.  I actually got quite a bit done when I got home.
My cash tips were higher than normal, and I had more positive interaction with some of the major regulars.

And now today, I got to sleep in (thanks to Ty), and I have kicked butt.  I even baked a cake!  Gonna frost it after I finish this and I'm sure that Whimzy has eaten enough dinner.  

It feels wonderful to feel productive and happy.  

The next few weeks are going to be very hectic, though.  Busy and little time to unwind from work, school, and being Mommy.  Also, today was probably my last day to sleep past 6:30 am for a few weeks.  And, sleeping in is one of my major sanity savers.  

I am cautiously excited that I found a perfect blend of vitamins and meds to get me through life right now, but I am also scared to death that this is a fluke and I am going to crash.  

On the plus side, I have some awesome blog ideas for you guys!  I hope to notch up my level of funny, because, let me tell you, I hear the craziest things at work!

I also plan on writing more, especially now that my life is a little bit more exciting and varied.  I hope that those of you that have been reading continue to read, and I hope that you tell your friends about me :)  It makes me feel special ;)

Until later, lovers!