Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Blog :)

 I wrote a wedding blog and decided that I enjoyed it.
So, I am going to keep going :)
After spending a ton of time wondering how I was going to keep going and keep my sanity, I realized that the two main things that helped me through everyday were caffeine and optimism. 
So, my blog name :)
I was going add whiskey, but the hubby vetoed that addition. 
Let's be honest, though...
Anyways, since I am going to try and push this to people who aren't in my immediate circle, I am going to introduce myself!
My name is Cara.  I am a 26 year old living in Wisconsin.
I have one daughter and am a newlywed :)
I am a psych major at an online school, hoping that I can beat my anxiety issues to eventually have a career in the field.
I am desperately in love, a little bit damaged (but getting better everyday!), a huge nerd, a bibliophile, love cooking and still want to grow up to be a mermaid or Spice Girl.
I hate running, peas, and ignorant people.
My favorite physical traits are my eyes and boobs. 
I am working on losing weight, organizing my life, and helping my daughter with her speech. 
I am hoping to use this blog as an outlet for my feelings, Pinterest inspirations, and just a place to write about whatever is going on in my head.  I have a couple women whose blogs I love and they inspired me to write.  Maybe my daily struggles and triumphs can help other people out there! 
I also can't promise how often I will write.  Inspiration is a fickle thing, and when I am not inspired I am ridiculously boring.
I also can't promise I won't ramble.  I like to ramble.
I also like to buzz-write, so there may be some drunken posts.
On an ending note, I am going to post how my wedding went.
It was great.  No big hiccups, except for what I thought was allergies making my eyes red.  Thankfully I trusted my photographer to edit that out of the pics.
We left for the honeymoon the day after the wedding and I felt miserable.  Still blaming my allergies, I loaded up on benadryl, dayquil, and energy shots.  Still feeling crappy the day after we got home, I went to the ER.  I had pink eye and strep throat.  Which, thanks to crappy meds, turned into a terrible eye infection in both eyes that I am still getting over...3 weeks later.  I also gave it to two of my bridesmaids and my aunt.  Ooops.  So, I will also probably be writing about my cabin fever and how I am going crazy and how my hubby shouldn't be allowed to grocery shop without me.
And to make you laugh before I sign out...
What happens when you cross an elephant and a rhino?
Elephino (say it out loud!)

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