Saturday, January 4, 2014

Desired Effects

I just want to say that after the hectic holiday season, this weekend has been like a vacation.
Yes, I did work yesterday and work again tomorrow.
Yes, I did run errands for 4 more hours after work yesterday.
Yet, right now, I feel this soul-deep contentedness.
I made roast last night, which turned out epic! Then spent the night after Whimzy went to bed spending some alone time with the hubby.
Oh, and I got new bras.  They feel wonderful.
Then, today, I did a lot of organization and made my Nana's spaghetti sauce.  Now, I am laying on the couch, catching up on one of my favorite TV shows.  All after sleeping in and being able to get out of bed and snuggle with Ty right away.  
I love this past 36 hours.

Just goes to show that I can have these moments.  Hell, I can have these 36 hours.  

I am determined to remember how I feel in this moment when I am feeling less than happy.

Oh, and I ordered a bookshelf for our kitchen, and The Bloggess' book.  Things are pretty perfect.

Next on my list to buy?
Breadbox and a bookshelf for my bedroom.  

Damn, life is good.

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