Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ninja? Ha! More Like A Wizard!

First of all, let me say that this post is sponsored by my Dad.  
He got us a new slow-cooker for Christmas, The Ninja.
We bought him one, too, but now I feel bad because the one we bought is not powered by magic like the Ninja obviously is (No tell tale signs of magic yet, but I am almost positive that the power cord is a farce).
I have had this box sitting in my kitchen, mocking my fear of it.  It does to much to be real.  Like, the manual makes it sound like it could pay off my student loans after getting me straight A's and cooking me nutritious and reduced fat cupcakes.  
Well, I finally took the thing out of the box.  It looks all matte black with shiny chrome buttons and much too high-tech (*cough, magic, cough*) to be sitting in my little apartment kitchen.  
All fear aside, this thing is awesome.
My schedule is really the only thing that has stopped me from using every, single function at least once.  So, I started a roast tonight, seared it (in the slow cooker!), seasoned it, and Hubby is going to start it in the morning while I am at work.  So, after work, lunch at Jq's, grocery shopping, and being out of the house for 12 hours, I will hopefully be coming home to a perfect roast.  I can also make the gravy in the darn thing when the roast is done.  

So, I will definitely be posting a review of how the roast and gravy turned out sometime in the near future.  

By the way Dad, Whimzy is also on her laptop right now doing her "homework".  

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