Thursday, September 19, 2013

On A Lighter Note: Can't Sleep Ramblings

I have a ton to do tomorrow.  Mostly running around to various places and being social.  Bleh.
Aaannd....I can't sleep.  
My brain won't shut down.
It just keeps going in circles.  
I got up to get some ice water and it occurred to me that the fact that I have ice all of the time makes me feel responsible.  When we lived above the bar, I never refilled the ice trays and cursed when we didn't have any ice.  Granted, Ty would just run and get ice from downstairs, but still....  I mean, I even use hot water to make the ice cubes clear.  Why does that work?  Anybody?
Also, I lamented at the state of my silverware divider today.  That made me feel old.  Since when is cleaning a silverware divider a thing?  And how did so many crumbs get into the drawer?  I need to know these things.
And I think I forgot to eat dinner.   Whimzy ate, but I didn't.  Pretty sure I only ate lunch today.  
I finished my entire to-do list today and got to spend a good chunk of time cuddling with my lil girl.  I also found out she has imaginary friends today.  I love it!  Ty is demanding we get her some real friends outside of school.  Which means playdates. Interesting.  We have a family picnic for Whimzy's school tomorrow, maybe I shall reach out to a fellow Mom.  She does really seem to hang out with a little boy with minion shoes.  
See?  My brain....make it stop.
Also, I am expecting a cute hat wearing, kazoo playing, chipmunk from Ty at some point in the near future.  He basically promised me.  I will upload videos.
And guess what!?  Torchwood is on Hulu now!  WOOHOO!  I found out and giggled a bit maniacally earlier.  I want John Barrowman's babies.  
Oh, and besides imaginary friends, my little girl eats imaginary bugs.  No clue.  Okay, I am going to try this sleep thing again.  If it refuses to work, I am going to read until one of two things happens: 1)Ty gets home and cuddles me (which always seems to help me sleep better) or 2) I finish the book in a fit of mania and collapse with exhaustion with the input of knowledge from a different world. I obviously will be reading fiction.
On that note, I don't think I am going to make my goal of reading 4 books this week.  Haven't even finished one yet.  Life gets in the way of what I really want to be doing. I do get JQ Foxes' food tomorrow, though...yummy....
Gosh darn it!  Not only can I not stop thinking, I can't stop typing, either!  

Okay, well....
Good night before some more random thoughts magically pop from my brain down to my fingers.  

Sweet dreams!  

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