Friday, September 27, 2013

TMI Post, but still pretty hilarious.

I just got back from my gynecologist.
After about a week of slight pain and 2 days of extreme pain and my imagination going wild, I finally made a doctor's appointment.  
I chemically burned my va-jay-jay.  
With Nair.
Disclaimer:  I have used Nair before.  I have never had any issues before.  
New disclaimer:  I threw the bottle away.
I had such bad things going through my head; staph infections, MRSA, subaceous name it, I was worried.

I never thought I'd be so happy to be chemically burned.  Well, with prescriptions for a cream and an antibiotic, I am feeling super great that my vagina is not broken, just chemically burned.

I don't think they make a get well card for this...

The pain we go through to be "beautiful".  


Anybody else have terrible Nair stories?  

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