Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yes, I Have A Confession

I have a confession.
I really hope that fellow mothers and college students, or both, can relate.
 My apartment is messy right now.
I have no immediate plans to clean it.
The dishes need to be done, I need to catch up on laundry, floors need to be scrubbed, toys need to be picked up, surfaces need to be dusted, carpets need to be vacuumed, various areas need to be decluttered, the AC in my bedroom needs its filter cleaned, I need to update my filing system, my storage needs to be organized, and the list goes on....
Unfortunately, I have a lot going on taking care of my mom (fighting her nursing home to get POA), my daughter just started school, I have 2 essays, a matrix, and a group project due this week, and I got to spend some time with my family while we helped each other out (I got to do laundry, borrow a vehicle, and I helped them with my grandpa and cooked them dinner).  
So, no, if you come over right now, I will not be proud of my living space.  I will be a bit ashamed, and wish that I was a better housewife and blah, blah, blah....
It does mess with my concept of what I should be doing, and it does mess me with me all around.  
This morning, I took 20 minutes to cuddle my daughter before we got ready for school.  I took a 15 minute break from school to do this and catch up on some FB stuff.  
Priorities, I guess.
Not to mention, I am still dealing with psychological changes from starting meds.  It is still a roller coaster.  

So, my apartment is going to stay messy, for now.  
I am going to focus on school, family, and my mental health.
Hopefully, I will get some teamwork going on this weekend with my husband and it will all get done.  

Any others out there dealing with an overload and wishing you had a maid?
Share your stories and vent your frustration!

P.S.  Wedding pics are coming! I got permission from the photographer!  <3 
Her info will be included with the pics.

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