Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Pride and Joy

So, I could go on about how my meds have been affecting me, or how I've been feeling about myself lately, but I've written enough of those posts lately.  Nobody wants to read a constant pity party.  

Tomorrow, my little girl starts her second year of 4-K.  She will end up having 2.5 years of 4-K because of some difficulty she has had with speech.
She is so excited.  She has been asking to go back to school for at least 2 months now.  
Since her last day of school, her speech has gotten so much better, her hair has grown out, and she has lost a little bit of her baby-face.  Her teachers have even noticed during our open house and home visit.  
She is growing up, and she is the most amazing little girl, at least to me.
She is going through a "stubborn" (and I mean she pushes my buttons until I consider locking her in a closet and drinking my brains out, which I would never actually do, obviously) stage, but she still gives me so many moments that I am so glad that she is in my life; so many moments that make me want to grab her and never let her go.  
I sometimes question my parenting skills, and if I am going to pass on any of my issues onto her, but then she hugs me, and says "I lub you" then explains to me why she couldn't possibly pick up her own mess.  
Between me and her beyond amazing father, we are doing okay, and I am excited for her to get back out into the world tomorrow.  It would be selfish to keep her to myself.

Btw, I will have some wedding pics up soon, as well as some recipes (think Oreo cheesecake stuffed chocolate cupcakes) with pictures!  So keep checking back :)  

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