Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 Hour Load of Laundry

I know, I should be out in the crowds watching fireworks and buying overpriced glow-sticks.
Eh.  Whimzy and I went out with my family last night to watch fireworks. It was quieter than my city's crowds and I got to spend some time with the family.
It was nice and that means I get to skip all the craziness by the lake today :)
But, that isn't what this post is about.
This post is about stupid people and laundry machines.
If you've lived in an apartment building, I'm sure you've gone through something similar. 
My building, which has 8 apartments, has one washer and one dryer.
The drying takes two rounds to fully dry a load.
I usually only do 1-2 loads at a time so I don't take up the entire day. 
Well, today, I had one load to do.  Whimzy needs socks and I need cleaning rags.  Well, I go down at 2:15, there is a load, done, in the washer.  At 3, it is still there.  At 3:30, the washer is running again.  So, finally at 4, I get my load in the washer.  I still haven't been able to put it in the dryer...
Makes my one load of laundry take like 4 hours to finish. 
Like I have nothing better to do than run up and down stairs checking when other people's laundry is done.
Okay, rant done.
Anybody else have any bad laundry room or laundromat stories?

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