Monday, July 22, 2013

Husband Organization

You know how it is with husbands.
You tell him when you schedule something, a few days before the event, the night before, and then he acts surprised when you have to go to the event.
He claims you never told him, that you told him too much, or that you were obviously talking to him when he was too tired to comprehend.
You've bought him planners, put up a calendar, and still he seems confused when things are happening and seems irritated by the sudden plans that have been planned for weeks. 
Well, I got sick of it.  I got sick of my hubby claiming that I never told him things and sick of him getting to play the victim when we had stuff to do.
I did something about it.
Hence, my weekly planner frames that are up in a prominent place in my kitchen.  They are right on the side of my cabinets as you walk into my kitchen.  Also, I am in an apartment, so they do not damage anything too much or take too much DIY know-how. 
Ignore the mess on the counter :)
Close ups of each frame:

Okay, the first one has appointments, plans, and special dates for the week.  The second one has grocery list help and lets the family know what recipes I will be making for sure during the week.  They are really cheap to make.  I got the frames at the dollar store and made the sheets of paper myself.  I just use dry-erase markers on them and re-fill them out every Sunday afternoon and as the week goes on and changes need to be made.
Hubby no longer can complain that I spring plans on him.  He still acts confused sometimes, though ;)
I still have a planner that helps me organize thing in a more detailed fashion, but he never looks at that thing. 
Oh, and I swear my photography will get better, eventually.
Do you have something that helps keep the family on the same page?
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  1. Love this idea! I have a dry erase board I stopped using...time to dig it out. I am so tired of telling him what the plans are 800 times.

  2. Thanks! It works as long as the hubby looks at it :) Post pics if you do it.