Monday, July 29, 2013

*sigh of contentedness*

Is contentedness a word?
It is now.
After a year of tantrums and stubborness, it looks like Whimzy is potty trained!
We buckled down over the weekend and she went out for the first time today with big girl underwear and did not have an accident!
I know, that seems really boring, but I am super excited!  Now, we just need to work on overnight and buy her some more undies...
In other news, I have a new goal for exercise.  I am going to go on one walk a week for as long as the weather permits, and do yoga 4x a week.  It is not too strenuous and I am hoping that it will help with the anxiety issues.  I also restarted by diet and my goal is to stay around 1200 calories 4 days a week and under 2000 the other 3.  I also get 2 cheat meals a week that I am going to log, but I can't make myself feel guilty about them.
I actually feel pretty darn awesome right now. The weather is absolutely perfect with a nice cool breeze off of the lake and I just got back from going to the park with my family.  I cannot see how life could be any better in this moment. 
I have to hold onto this feeling for those moments when I don't feel so great and remember how lucky I am to have these small victories and little pleasures in life. 
I am going to go have a big salad and a big glass of lemon water.
Anybody have any tips for staying motivated for my exercise plan?

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