Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bad Habits and A Perfect Little Girl

I have some self-esteem problems.
I rock at some things, like cooking, but other things give me some problems.
Want a list?  Baby weight, bushy eyebrows, complete lack of hand-eye coordination, complete lack of any athleticism, and a real problem with math.  I spend way too much time worrying about my weight and making stupid little comments on when I "feel pretty", or self-destructive comments about how I feel fat or feel stupid for not understanding why x and y belong in math.
My little girl, on the other hand?
She's perfect. 
Beautiful, strong, smart, and happy. 
She knows she is cute always says "thank you" when you tell her she is cute or beautiful. 
She is a little girl who loves her Hot Wheels cars and her first real necklace that she wore for Mommy and Daddy's wedding. 
I don't want to screw that up with my insecurities.  I don't want to pass my image and personality issues on to her.. 
I need to look at myself in a more positive light, stop criticizing myself so much.
How do I do this?  How do I shut up that little voice in my head?
Any advice from mommys who can offer any help?

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