Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Organization and Procrastination

I took a "break" from cleaning. 
Mostly, I needed to stop and gather my sanity.
I just got done vacuuming up dirt from a flower pot.  Apparently, Whimzy thinks that dirt is nifty.  *sigh*
Well, since I guess I explained the procrastination part...
At the beginning of the year I started a "Family Binder" that was supposed to simplify housework, track expenses, and keep all of our important information in one place.  With the wedding and the craziness, the binder stalled.  And by stalled, I mean, nobody touched it for months.
I decided to try it again for the second part of the year. 
I spent the last month updating charts and information.  Since some of the charts I had used before were not quite what we needed, I edited them and tried to make them suit our needs better.  I also updated the rest of our info.
It has monthly/weekly to-do lists for me, Ty, and the household.  It also has monthly goals for me that I will update every month.  I am hoping that this sense of organization will help me be more organized and manage my time  better. Unlike some of my relatives (I'm looking at you Aunt Lori), details and organization do not come easily.  It is a struggle.  I am also hoping that in case of an emergency (fire, tornado, zombies, etc...) I can grab the binder and hope that everything we need is in it.  Also, in case I end up in a tragic coma or get bit by a rabid dog and die, Ty will then have all of our info in one place. 
So, one of my goals is to keep up with this binder and hopefully it will mean a cleaner apartment, a more organized paperwork system, and a less-stressed Cara. 
Well, back to the dirt....

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