Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Took Me Long Enough

For anybody who has had social anxiety issues, the simple task of calling to set up an appointment can seem huge.  It can take weeks.
Well, I finally called and set up an appointment to see my doctor to either get on anxiety medication or get a referral to a psychiatrist. 
I called last Thursday, but it was the 4th of July, so they weren't open.  I'm assuming that was why I called.
We shall see...
On a lighter note, we finally got our new bedding set delivered.  1600 thread count sheets, satin pillow cases, new comforter... *sigh*
I waited up for Ty last night so we could crawl into bed together and lemme tell you, I will never buy a lower thread count sheet ever again.  It is heaven.  Since we bought cream colored sheets, though, I am demanding that Ty take a shower every night before he crawls into bed.  Warehouse dirt is not an accent color I want. 
It will take time to get our bedroom to a point where it is fully decorated, but I am hoping that these new sheets are a good starting point. 
We are going for a "pirate and mermaid move in together" motif.  I'm obviously the mermaid :D  We are also compromising, because if Ty got what he wanted, our room would look like a 10-year old boy decorated. 
So, here are the sheets:
Let me know what you think. And no, I didn't iron the comforter first.  I was lazy ;)  And please note the blue flowers.  The hubby got those for me over the weekend.  For absolutely no reason.  He is pretty wonderful.
Have any nifty bedroom decor themes? Share them in the comments!

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